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When we speak of green, in Croatia there are 8 National parks:


  • Plitvice lakes and Krka- noted for their waterfalls and lakes.
  • Kornati, Brijun and Mljet- island’s national parks characterized by diverse and rich underwater world.
  • Risnjak, Paklenica and Northern Velebit- typically mountainous areas with diverse vegetation and relief


And 11 Nature parks:


  • Kopački rit and Lonjsko polje- representatives are of biological wealth of lowland floodplains, also popular among birdwatchers and photographers (photosafari)
  • Lake Vrana- the largest lake in Croatia
  • Žumberak- samoborsko gorje- is characterised by preserved nature, forests, streams, waterfalls, vineyard covered hills, pastures and traditional farms.
  • Biokovo- characterised by wealth of geomorphological forms and phenomena
  • Lastovsko otočje (Lastovo archipelago) – consisting of the total of 44 islands, islets and reefs.
  • Medvednica- forests (beech, fir, maple, ash and sessile oak) of great biological value due to which 8 forest reserves are protected within the Park.
  • Papuk- extremely valuable biological, geological, landscape and historical features
  • Telašćica- one of the most beautiful and largest Adriatic bays
  • Učka- has a specific microclimate and developed abundant forest vegetation.
  • Velebit-  includes the largest part of the Mountain Velebit and valley of the karst river Zrmanja


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